Cloud 'Straight As' Goalie Stick
Cloud 'Straight As' Goalie Stick

Cloud 'Straight As' Goalie Stick

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Designed to play like a field stick but balanced to suit the middle hand position of a goalkeeper.

  • FIELD STICK SHAPE - Gives you the ability to more easily manipulate the ball with total control during ground play.
  • ROUNDED HEEL EDGE - For a smooth and fast sweeping action
  • FLAT AND STRAIGHT SAVING FACE - To give you a true and consistent rebound
  • SQUARE EDGE - Flat back-edge for consistent and powerful reverse sweep clearances
  • LIGHT WEIGHT -To make your lightening quick reactions even faster
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED - High balance point designed for a goalkeepers mid-shaft grip and extra long reach
  • ROUND HANDLE - Provides an ergonomic feel and finessed ball control
  • 60% CARBON - combined with 40% fibreglass provides high rebound, a soft feel and increased durability